The Africa Football Initiative


Rainbow Sports is the initiator of the Africa Football Initiative, which aims to build on existing local structures and skill sets, and tap into best practices from international football nations, clubs and academies, to positively transform football in Africa.


A panafrican Rainbow Academy network is being developed through management contracts with national federations, while flagship clubs are being established on a franchise basis. Through its various local anchors, Rainbow is deploying a light, no-frills, but effective and scalable model that will eliminate the current deficiencies of the market while capturing value. The Rainbow model is built around a holistic approach that provides the players not only with fitness and tactical training, but also with educational, nutritional, and logistical support, successfully preparing the most promising African players aged 14-18 for professional football.


By bringing together superior football management systems and building a pipeline through which talent is nurtured and a culture of excellence encouraged, the Initiative will significantly increase the skill level of youth football in Africa, and embed the culture of football into African societies and local economies.

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